Tropical heat / Caldura tropica

By: Miki

Aug 20 2012

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Category: Garden


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Saturday, August 18th was this year’s first day with tropical heat in the Netherlands. It doesn’t happen often and it doesn’t last long, so it is sure worth mentioning 🙂

Sambata, 18 august, a fost prima zi cu temperaturi tropice in Olanda pe anul acesta. Nu se intampla des si nu tine mult, asa ca e un fapt demn de mentionat 🙂



2 comments on “Tropical heat / Caldura tropica”

  1. our summers in Virginia are like this usually with high humidity which makes it feel very hot and sticky!

    the plants like it…but your garden already looks like paradise 🙂

    stay cool!
    what do your kitties think?

    • Summer in Romania is very hot as well, Holland is something else…
      Thanks again for the nice words!
      You too keep it cool 🙂
      The kitties have been in the shade, too lazy to do anything. Pics will follow,

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